Trump says no intention to fire Fauci

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Trump says no intention to fire Fauci

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Trump says no intention to fire Fauci


US President Donald Trump has said he has no intention of firing one of his senior medical advisers, Anthony Fauci,
after the infectious diseases expert said earlier mitigation efforts against the coronavirus outbreak could have saved
more lives.

Trump told reporters at the White House that he liked Dr Fauci and that they had been on the same page about the viris
"from the beginning.”

Speaking at the White House briefing, Dr Fauci said he’d been answering a hypothetical question when he told a TV
interviewer that lives could have been saved. He’d been responding to media coverage that suggested Donald Trump
hadn’t done enough to contain the virus. Dr Fauci made it clear that the President had listened to him when he
recommended mitigation efforts that included strict social distancing guidelines.

During a sometimes contentious briefing, the US president played a video for reporters defending his administration's
response to Covid-19.

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