Coronavirus: Why some Nigerians are gloating about Covid-19

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Coronavirus: Why some Nigerians are gloating about Covid-19

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Coronavirus: Why some Nigerians are gloating about Covid-19


In our series of letters from African writers, Nigerian novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani reflects on the different
attitudes of the rich and poor towards coronavirus.Many Nigerians gloat that Covid-19 is mainly targeting
the country's elite, particularly politicians, despite warnings that the life-threatening respiratory illness could hit
the poor as well.

Mocking politicians
Many of them seize any opportunity to work abroad - nearly 2,000 of the doctors in the UK's state-run National
Health Service qualified in Nigeria, according to a report presented to the UK's parliament last year.

Nigerians spent more than $1bn ($800m) on treatment in overseas hospitals in 2013.


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Some Nigerians also hoped that the "selectiveness" of the virus might be God's way of bringing about changes
in their government.

They latched on to rumours that Mr Buhari, 72, had been infected by his chief of staff, and was gravely ill on
a ventilator.

The less malicious folk shrouded their great hope in a prayer: "Let God's will be done."

'God pulled a fast one'
Indignant at the expressions of ill will towards his boss, presidential spokesman Femi Adesina said: "Why do
some people conjure nothing but evil? In 2017, while President Buhari had his medical challenge, they were
on an orgy of negative wishes, misinformation, and disinformation.

'Not for the rich alone'
Social-distancing and self-isolation in a typical Nigerian slum is impossible.

About 30 families often cram into a building, sharing the same bathroom and toilet. The potential disaster
is unimaginable.


As Ogun governor Dapo Abiodun said at the 30 March launch of a Covid-19 isolation centre in his state:
"Contrary to the erroneous belief, this virus is not for the rich or elite alone. Everyone is at risk."

Follow the real-time response to Covid-19 here. : slotxo

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