Watch detective bored while staying at home at 10 Cloverfiel

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Watch detective bored while staying at home at 10 Cloverfiel

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The movie tells the story of Michelle. The girl resurrected from a car upside down and rolled over the shoulder until injured and unconscious When waking up Michelle discovers that a stranger has caught her in a mysterious underground house. Ready to tell her that At times like this, nobody would be looking for you. The man told her that he had saved her life. And she needs to live in this underground house because the outside world contains dangerous chemicals that humans cannot live Not long ago, Michelle discovered that aside from her and the man who held her there, There is another man who also lives in this underground house as well. And with distrust, two strangers had to live together But not sure what the outside world is like Causing Michelle to be on two options While obeying him who had captured her Or trying to find a way to escape

The film plays with an atmosphere of distrust in certain characters. Especially in situations where viewers like us hardly know what is going on and what is true, it will increase the attractiveness of the movie even more. And even 10 Cloverfield Lane is a movie in the event that Associated with Cloverfield (2008), but it's not a sequel Can be seen without having to watch Cloverfield before, with some critics even saying that Never watching the first movie Or never knew anything about this movie before Will make the movie more fun than knowing the rough concept Come again

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