Get to know "Tencent Cloud Meeting", a solution that can pro

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Get to know "Tencent Cloud Meeting", a solution that can pro

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In an age where equipment helps you to work wherever you are One of the technology that makes it convenient is that Cloud Meeting can help you meet anywhere, anytime. Without having to meet Whether it is audio conferencing or HD video, and more, to help you work online effectively, the Tencent Cloud Meeting comes with the following features within the program: Tencent Cloud Meeting allows meeting participants to Join the meeting quickly on mobile phones, PCs, tablets and web pages for a smooth meeting experience on all existing platforms. Flow and flow smoothly and continuously, no matter where you are. As for the voice communication system, the AI-Base allows you to emit clear sound and reduce noise, including typing, keyboard, mouse click, no disturbance during online meetings, and can reduce the size of the file but also Get sharp Along with the built-in Messenger program with the Realtime Screen Sharing feature allowing you to view information And still free to use It can be said that it is another solution that you can choose to use. For convenience and uninterrupted work, more details, click now. >> เกมยิงปลา

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