What is "New Normal"? Why does our life change after "Covid

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What is "New Normal"? Why does our life change after "Covid

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"New Normal" or New Norm means "new normal", which is a change in people's behavior in daily life and technology-driven, especially online. From the Covid-19 incident, behavior in people's hygiene Telehealth, or Telemedicine, will be a medical and healthcare service that has played a role after the outbreak. The outbreak of COVID-19 has a profound and profound effect on the global economy. Causing the world to go into a great recession The adaptable business will survive and continue to grow and after the crisis has passed. Will create something new called "New Normal" or New Norm which means "New normal", that is to change the behavior of people in daily life and technology driven, especially online. More details >> ทางเข้าslotxo

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