8 things women should know before deciding to wax their face

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8 things women should know before deciding to wax their face

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For girls who are deciding to wax their faces In addition to being concerned about skin care after waxing. Or symptoms that occur while waxing the facial hair There are still many stories that women Should be known for making decisions before waxing as well. And today we have compiled 8 things that you should know before deciding to wax facial hair to tell the girls. I have known.

1. The characteristics of the wax to be used.
There are 2 methods to choose from for facial hair waxing: Hard Wax and Strip Wax. Hard Wax is a hot wax which can be cream and set itself. It is commonly used for waxing small areas such as the face when it is pulled out. Dead hair and skin cells will stick to the wax. It is a method that helps open pores and can be rooted up to the root. The Strip Wax is a cold waxing. The wax texture is soft. And must be used together with waxed cloth to remove hairs Which this method is used for pulling down the soft hair

2. Side effects that occur
Another side effect after facial hair waxing is redness, inflammation and irritation. But can relieve symptoms by applying a cream or using aloe vera gel.

3. Do not scrub your face.
After waxing the facial hair, you should not scrub your face. Due to the new waxed pores Will be extremely fragile It is recommended to pass for about 4-5 days and then scrub your face to be safe against inflammation that may occur.

4. Helps to temporarily remove facial hair.
Facial waxing is not a permanent hair removal. But it is temporary hair removal only about 2-6 weeks Then there will be a new hair that appears again.


5. The new hair is thicker than before.
The new hair that grows after waxing is thin and soft, but if the girls leave it, they will become darker and thicker. Therefore, it is important to plan the facial hair waxing each month carefully.

6. Prepare your mind for pain.
Of course, waxing on any part of the body is inevitable with pain. Like waxing, facial hair can feel sore. Especially in sensitive areas such as the skin on the lips and cheeks

7. Helps make up better.
Waxing the facial hair will greatly improve the makeup, at least it will help the makeup last. It also helps the makeup look smoother and more natural.

8. Those who should not wax their face
For those who should not wax their face, those who are in the period of taking acne medication. Including those who apply acne cream The creams used contain Retinoic acid or Adapalene because they cause sensitive and peeling skin. If accidentally waxed while taking medication or using such acne medication May cause inflammation, swelling, redness, infection risk And can make the face collapse

8 things that girls Should know before deciding to wax the facial hair that we have shared to know. It is important to help women. Decide if you should wax your face or not. It also helps the girls. Able to plan for facial hair waxing and facial care after waxing as well.

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