NBA2K 2K20 Feedback & 2K21 Wishlist

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NBA2K 2K20 Feedback & 2K21 Wishlist

Postoleh wfuuopy » Sel Jul 21, 2020 7:38 am

Caring about team rep and nba 2k20 mt coins our team record gives the matches more significance and gives us something to play every game. Needing to delete our team removes that component for a lot of us. Please find a way to fix this. I hate blowing out opponents while playing rec or playing AI's due to leavers, yet this matchmaking issue in Team has a trickling effect to the Rec experience. More people resort since its much easier to find matches to playing in the Rec over Team Pro-Am. I hate because a lot of people are good playing at park or the rec.

Usually if my friends are not on I don't play online with my MyPlayer, even though I would like to because I despise the experience of playing. Including a solo queue ranked mode to park or rec would be awesome. Pair us based on our losses and wins so everybody is able to play within their rank. Look at games such as Overwatch, Rocket League or League of Legends as examples. Pick your role - Wing, Guard, or Big and play matches using a much better experience. Adding the aspect would be an enjoyable element and gives more significance also to the games.

Users should definitely have the choice to turn it off. I'd consider myself a proficient player - been playing because 2k9 - after I discovered about each of them them turned, although I forget what year equally attributes were respectively set up. And, I find those attributes turning available in 2k20. In bizarre pick-n-roll scenarios I find it incredibly helpful once the index"SWITCH" pops up above my involved teammate's mind, instead of nothing popping up. Me then needing to guess whether the AI will change, and having to trust the very small index at my feet pointing me into the overall direction of my mission. You have the capability, this would only be a no brainer in my thoughts. It might increase the casual 2k/NBA enthusiast's experience.

The casual fan may not resulting in frustration rather than a great experience although AI computers recognize when to switch. Then there is the offensive end. This match has SO much more to offer in terms of scoring with ease mind you, all since there has been a play executed perfectly. You're performing your devs a disservice by not displaying their hard work. A big thing we harp on in the area is using"basketball IQ" - For those that didn't play basketball, turning those attributes would help so muchbetter. Personally, I believe, think we'd observe this type of stuff translate to my MyPark too. Knowing where to become, make what decision, and in exactly what time - AND DO IT PERFECTLY!! Its a lot to consider in. Indicators that are little and there wouldn't harm, at least in my own view. Just my two pennies.

Repair the shield!! 2k20 is unquestionably the transition defense in the franchise! Your cpu controlled teammates run around like chickens with their heads cut off, if the cpu pushes the ball transition. They start posting up ghost opponents while they watch the ballhandler and pops just sail for uncontested buckets. By indicating the wrong individual they creating mismatches. It is maddening. In fixing defense included is the horrible probability of winning shed balls after poking the ball free and blocking shots. You can play perfect defense then block a shotcreate a loose balljust to have it go straight to a broad opponent as if the trainer wrote it up on a chalkboard. Those poke balls are bothersome. The better the player you poke off the ball (if you're even able to because they're invincible for some reason - Tre Young looking at you) the more impossible it's to find that loose ball. Often I'll poke it free and they recover and run around me to buy nba 2k20 mt get an open 3 or push the lane.

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