Europe Travel: Beaches In Greece, Sex In Holland, Tourism

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Europe Travel: Beaches In Greece, Sex In Holland, Tourism

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What’s the most common element among the cautious recommendations from health officials, the differences in approach over the handling of the coronavirus crisis among European countries and the disparity of decisions and guidelines related to the opening of borders from one country to another?



Also common is a mood close to desperation as the decimated travel industry, vital to Europe’s economies, closes in on irreparable collapse and governments feel the urgent need to ease restrictions and open borders before summer, when in normal times most of Europe takes vacation.

Officials are under crushing pressure to reactivate the sector while preventing a catastrophic second wave of the disease.

As explained by Innovation Foundation Nesta, the travel and tourism scene at the moment “combine elements of continuity and discontinuity, realism and idealism, optimism and pessimism.”

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