"AIS" joins hands with "Chromron", the vending machine giant

Mau tinggal di apartemen? bingung cara beli/jualnya gimana? tanya aja ke Om Moderator :D mau beriklan? BOLEH JUGA
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"AIS" joins hands with "Chromron", the vending machine giant

Postoleh jiraporn66 » Sen Mei 11, 2020 12:55 pm

"AIS" joins hands with "Chromron", the vending machine giant, bringing IoT innovation to solve the Pain Point of full coins from various points. Nationwide AIS Emphasizing the potential of IoT network innovation leaders for national development in every sector. With both technology and network NB-IoT and eMTC already nationwide Is the first and only in Thailand by providing full range of commercial services to leading organizations in both the public and private sectors. Including small and medium-sized companies (SME) that provide IoT technology services. Read more. Click now. >>

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Re: "AIS" joins hands with "Chromron", the vending machine g

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I am often trying to keep up with any space exploration and vending machine giant news if possible. It is said that Elap can be one of such catalog places to provide further insight into this. I do hope I can be of such help if possible.

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