Coronavirus: Weston General Hospital halts admissions

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Coronavirus: Weston General Hospital halts admissions

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Coronavirus: Weston General Hospital halts admissions


A hospital in Somerset has stopped accepting new patients due to a high number of coronavirus cases.

Weston General Hospital implemented the temporary measures, which extend to its A&E department, at 08:00
BST to "maintain patient and staff safety".

Its NHS trust described it as a "precautionary measure" and arrangements have been made for new
patients to be treated elsewhere.

Medical director Dr William Oldfield said the situation was under review.

"We currently have a high number of patients with Covid-19," he said.

"While the vast majority will have come into the hospital with Covid-19, as an extra precaution we have
taken the proactive step to temporarily stop accepting new patients to maintain patient and staff safety."

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