Microsoft postpones the release of the Surface Neo tablet wi

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Microsoft postpones the release of the Surface Neo tablet wi

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According to insiders, ZDnet said Microsoft has postponed the release of its latest two-screen tablet, the Surface Neo, with the Windows 10X operating system after 2020 (originally scheduled for release at the end of the year. 2020) Both sources have said that Microsoft will focus on a single screen device. Which is more preferred in this critical COIVD-19 marketHowever, the report does not specify the Surface Duo, a two-screen tablet with an Android operating system, which makes it possible to go on sale in 2020.Go back Going back in October 2019, Microsoft released Windows 10X, a two-screen operating system and confirmed that it will be a newer operating system for all devices. Exit lighting products also Surface Neo, a tablet, two screens (9-inch screen and 2) by a hinged connection. Which has been installed under the Windows 10X operating system and also shows the Surface Duo which is a 2-screen Android tablet system which is smaller than the Surface Neo, which makes it convenient to use. >>slotxo

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