How to resolve Errors regarding Outlook Express?

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How to resolve Errors regarding Outlook Express?

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While attempting to send or receive emails in Outlook Express, sometimes users encounter a specific ‘Unknown error 0x800C0133’. This Error tends to show up unexpectedly at times, which then becomes the cause of extreme worry and panic. After this error prompts, it becomes impossible to receive or send new mails from the application. Above all, some mails also disappear. Here are some possible reasons as to why this error comes up:
Incompatible DBX file size
Corrupted Windows Registry
A virus or malware infiltration.
Incomplete installation of outlook express

Possible Solutions:
Here are some simple methods as to what can help in resolving the error.
Check DBX File: when this error occurs, the first thing should be done is the inspection of your DBX file and checking its size. If it exceeds the sending limit, try to create a new DBX file and move some other heavy mails to this new DBX file to free up some storage.

Repair Windows Registry: Very often the windows OS registry files get corrupted or go missing. In such cases make sure to repair the Windows Registry to get rid of the problem. However, making changes to the Windows Registry can cause severe damage to the System. It is better to back the registry files first and then perform the repairing program.

Install Antivirus Programs:
The infiltration of a malware or a virus can also corrupt the files which leads to the Runtime Error 0x800c1033. Installing an Antivirus Program to protect the files is an effective solution to this problem.
Reinstall Outlook Express:
As mentioned earlier, an improper or incomplete installation of Outlook Express can be the sole cause of this error. Attempt uninstalling and then reinstalling the Outlook Express program can also be a possible solution for this error.

While the above-mentioned methods might be of use, the best course of action is to opt for a better mailing client to which you can transfer the DBX files by converting them via an effective converter. An obsolete program like Outlook Express is prone to errors and glitches that can take up your valuable time and can constrict your workflow.
For further information, you can contact Outlook Support Number +1(844)-539-9831.

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Re: How to resolve Errors regarding Outlook Express?

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