How to Activate and Watch Philo on Roku?

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How to Activate and Watch Philo on Roku?

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 At first, get the Roku home screen on your TV using the Roku remote’s home button. 
 After that, you must navigate to the left side of the screen using the Roku remote. 
 Now, move to the Movies and TV section and look for the Philo app. 
 Moreover, key in the name of the channel on the find bar and wait for the results. 
 Secondly, choose Philo from the result and check for the app info. 
 Build your Philo account via and subscribe to any of its packages as per your wish. 
 Thirdly, highlight the channel app and choose the Add channel option. 
 Finally, press the Roku OK button and get the Philo app on your Roku device. 
 And now, you start watching all your favorite channels using Roku. 

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