Coronavirus:Southampton Airport to become temporary mortuary

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Coronavirus:Southampton Airport to become temporary mortuary

Postoleh lily9999 » Kam Apr 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Coronavirus: Southampton Airport to become temporary mortuary


Southampton Airport is to become a temporary mortuary to serve Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton
during the coronavirus outbreak.

The area to be used is a specially adapted secure location completely separate from the passenger terminal,
known as the Grayson Site.

Hampshire County Council's director of public health, Simon Bryant, said it was important to be "well prepared".

The site is to receive round-the-clock policing.

Mr Bryant added: "I would like to reassure the families and friends of those who may be accommodated temporarily
at the Grayson Site that their loved ones will be afforded every possible respect."

He added the authority had been liaising closely with faith leaders "to ensure that required customs and practices
will be observed at all times".

The airport is currently only running one lunchtime flight a day to Jersey and Guernsey.

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Re: Coronavirus:Southampton Airport to become temporary mort

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The COV 19 pandemic is an economic loss to the world joe biden twitter

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