I think that it's unlikely he will join zamorak and bilrach'

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I think that it's unlikely he will join zamorak and bilrach'

Postoleh Sunxuemei » Kam Okt 15, 2020 8:23 am

When he RuneScape gold climbs before, I think that it's unlikely he will join zamorak and bilrach's coalition. If he climbs through the battle (which is unlikely (stone of jas= make character anywhere = huge advantage magicwise = everyone trying to mug and kill lucien)) he will likely either join a coalition or flee gielenor. Nomad is mindful of at least one of the schemes happening and is trying to stop it... (unless he is insane or just trying to trick us). Thats my opinion, therefore whats yours? Each of the collections are very expensive because of their looks and rarity, though their stats are similar to the less-rare and less expensive armor dropped from the bosses from the God Wars Dungeon.

Today (or perhaps yesterday or a year ago, based on if you read this. Same is true for over lol.) , together with a whole lot of other treasure route benefits, a fourth set came out called'Third Age Druidic Equipment' that provides a high prayer bonus. Surprisingly, this Third Age armor is a reward from level 4 hint scrolls instead of level 3 just like all the additional sets and has been released with a higher market price (245mil!) Than all of the other 3rd age equipment, though at first glance it does not look much better than others. Because of this and the fact that the new set's stats are comparable to other much more economical places such as proselyte armor, some folks are complaining that the druidic set is not good enough. I disagree.

I see a real possibility for Third era Druidic Equipment that other people seem to have been missing and I think really does place it over the rest of the sets. The entire set (including cloak and staff) provides a +31 prayer bonus, a +28 magic attack bonus and a +30 magic defence bonus. If you substitute the cloak with a Soul Wars cape (benefit from Nomad's Requiem: +12 to prayer and also +8 to all defence stats) and weild a complete Zamorak/unholy publication (+5 to prayer and +8 to all attack stats), a fury (+5 to prayer, + 10 to magic attack and +15 to magic defence), barrow gloves (+6 to magical attack and defence) and OSRS gold For Sale infinity boots (+5 to magic attack and defence) you wind up getting a +47 prayer bonus, a +57 magic attack bonus plus a +61 magic defence bonus.

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