The US says the government sent checks to heal over $ 1 ...

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The US says the government sent checks to heal over $ 1 ...

Postoleh mari123 » Jum Jun 26, 2020 5:00 pm

The United States Office of the Auditor General (GAO) released a report stating that The US government has sent checks to Americans who have died. Accounting for nearly 1.4 billion dollars


The check is a remedy for those affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. As previously approved by Congress

The person whose name is on the check can be deposited with the bank for the amount of $ 1,200.

The GAO said 1.1 million checks were issued to those who have died, out of a total of 160 million sent to Americans.

The US Department of Revenue warned that The person who received the check then brought the money on behalf of the deceased. Must return the said money to the government

The GAO report suggests that Government agencies should be able to share more information. To prevent mistakes that will occur in the future And to provide recommendations to the public for checks to be returned to the government In the event that a check is sent to the deceased

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