Future financial innovations The technology wave is graduall

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Future financial innovations The technology wave is graduall

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Financial innovation In particular, about the digital currency that currently has hundreds, almost all of which have an algorithm behind the blockchain name, meaning it will move all transaction data to the client's machine. And when a customer has any transaction that takes place It will pull everyone's information to compare to approve the transaction. Considered to be the ingenious way of thinking of the creators of this system Because it is a reliable method of security But loopholes and weaknesses are still visible. Blockchain It's a small wave of financial innovation. But when computers broke out of the 64bit era, the light screen And in the original form of transportation Then the processing power will increase enormously Mathematical equations that are currently limited to computer-based computing will be destroyed. Then humans will meet a hundred versions of the blockchain But if to decide, the author wishes to predict that many new algorithms will follow. In order to meet our endless needs >> slotxo

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