AS aims for its 64 revenue growth of 10-20%

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AS aims for its 64 revenue growth of 10-20%

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AS aims for its 64 revenue growth of 10-20% from launching new games, expanding the Indo-Vietnam market.


Mr. Kittipong Prukarun Managing Director Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (AS) revealed that slotxo the company has set a target for the year '64 revenue growth of 10-20% from the previous year and maintain a net profit margin of at least 30% from the focus on providing phone games. Move more

This year, there are plans to launch about 8-10 new games, a total investment of 50 million baht, and system development. Or buy another 50 million baht server device to support the growing demand for games Especially during the COVID-19 situation Come back to a new epidemic As a result, people have to stay at home more. Should have a positive effect on the company Moreover, the mobile game player base continues to play the game.

While looking at this year, the mobile game industry in Southeast Asia. Continued to grow at a level similar to the previous year Growth of about 20%, partly driven by the COVID-19 situation. The overall PC gaming industry is expected to continue to decline. However, the company's older PC games are still growing well. Which according to the plan this year, it is expected to upgrade the old game content And continue activities To maintain the existing customer base Including in the process of considering bringing old games to launch a new And looking at the opportunity to bring the game Ascent: Infinite Realm or A: IR that the company has provided But now it has been brought back to service in South Korea. By changing the name to Elyon to service in Thailand again this year

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