I have played a great deal of Dofus Kamas

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I have played a great deal of Dofus Kamas

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I have played a great deal of Dofus Kamas cellular MMOs in the previous few months... here is what I liked. Hope it might help people that are inquiring about those.I've seen so many times the"what's a fantastic mmo for mobile" question that I believed I could share my experiences, because I have played a lot of them. Probably a little too much to be honest.So, to start with, all mmos I am gonna cover are the non-autoplay ones, since I can not stand autoplay, I have tried, many times, but it simply does not work. I feel I'm not enjoying, and that I get the impression everybody are bots...One last thing, you're very welcome to talk about your own ideas and opinions, but this post is for people who would like to perform an MMO on their mobile devices, therefore, try and not bring the worst side from the remarks, which won't be helpful to anyone.Ok, so let's get this started!

This one is my all-time favourite!

The neighborhood is what causes me to log in regular, people are all very nice and useful, and it is always fun to just chat in the world chat... all the time, it is just crazy pleasure. The dev team is modest, but they are very close to their own players. They talk with us around the discord station, answer questions about the forums and do livestreams from time to time time.the Dofus game was live since 2011, and a growth just lauched a few weeks ago, so it is definitely a great time to get started playing it, or comeback to it.

Heroes and villagers is free to play, with an optional subscription which provides exp bonus and travels. There is no quests, however, you can do all you desire. You can take as Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro mount or pet about each creatures in the Dofus game, you can build your house (the building interface is really impressive) and of course there's the standard collecting, crafting and battle.

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Re: I have played a great deal of Dofus Kamas

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