First image of Samsung Galaxy S21 box without charger

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First image of Samsung Galaxy S21 box without charger

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In the next few days, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series is featured in what is in the box and there are details of the features that have come out but are interesting through the first promotional images Let's get bitter together, starting with

Before that box pictures The charger will not be included. In this regard, we must hope that in Thailand there will be a free ดาวน์โหลด slotxo charger or not. But inside there is a USB-C Cable, a manual, a needle, a SIM card tray. If it were like this, it would definitely be able to cut everything out.

The next part is the News Dual Zoom Lens feature that will be added to the Galaxy S21 / S21 + phone, the feature will allow both cameras to work together to create 2 images as well. And there is an increase in the details of getting closer with a 64-megapixel telephoto lens that retains better details.

Along with more memory, the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with 512GB and 256GB of memory for the S21 / S21 + and also supports night photography, waterproof and also supports 5G at high speeds.

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