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forex trading account

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Say you have USD 100,000 (one hundred thousand) in your forex trading account. From the USD 100,000, determine how much risk you are prepared to bear for each transaction, for example 10%. That means, the maximum risk of loss you face is only USD 1,000 (one thousand) each time you make a transaction.
Then do technical analysis in forex to find support or resistance levels. فتح حساب فوركس تجريبي مجاني
You can use these support or resistance levels as a stop loss benchmark.
If you take a long position, then the benchmark stop loss is the support area. Conversely, if your position is short, then the stop loss benchmark is the resistance area.تقييم شركة FXDD
In doing the analysis you also have to do a check & re-check too. Make sure that the signals that appear are in accordance with your trading rules.
Returning to limiting risk ...
Suppose you see that the stop loss level at that time is within 500 pips (assuming the price uses 5 decimals) from the entry level, which means USD 500.If your risk limit is USD 1,000 then that means you can only make a maximum transaction of 2 ( two) lots, nothing more.
Check again, did you really enter the number 2 (two), or 20 (twenty)?

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