India reports record daily infections

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India reports record daily infections

Postoleh mari123 » Min Jun 21, 2020 5:15 pm


India has reported 15,413 new coronavirus cases, the biggest daily increase since the start of its epidemic, as the country struggles to grapple with rising infections.

Sunday’s record daily increase brings the total number of cases in India to 410,461, the fourth highest in the world after Russia, Brazil and the US.

A further 306 deaths were reported nationwide on Sunday, taking the total tally to 13,254.

The true numbers of both infections and deaths are thought to be much higher owing to insufficient testing and reporting issues.

Most of the cases are concentrated in the capital Delhi and the states of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu - they account for nearly 60% of all infections.

In an address on Sunday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated the use of yoga exercises to help strengthen "our respiratory and immune system" against the disease.

"If our immunity is strong, it is of great help in defeating this disease", he said.

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